Global air-conditioning industry given warning from the UK

HM Customs & Revenue issues warning to the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry

The UK’s tax, payments and customs authority, HM Customs & Revenue, has released a warning to the international air-conditioning and refrigeration industry, insisting that no air-conditioning and refrigeration units can be imported into the UK if they contain HFCs, unless they have first been approved under the F-gas import quota.

As of 2017, any heating and cooling units entering the UK must not be pre-charged with Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) unless they have received authorisation to enter the country under the European F-gas quota.

In 2015, the European Union introduced a limit to the amount of HFCs allowed to enter the European market. As part of this F-gas phase down, the regulations now include the importing of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump equipment that has pre-charged levels of HFCs.

The EU considers as imports anything that is placed on the European market that has entered Europe from any nation outside of the EU member states.

If a company wants to import pre-charged heating and cooling units into Europe they must first obtain quota authorisation, for the amount of HFCs contained in their imports, from a quota holder, as stipulated by the F-gas phase down regulations.

HM Customs & Revenue has released a warning to ensure global companies are aware of the new regulations, whereas the EU has advised companies to simply avoid importing RAC equipment which contains HFCs.

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