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We provide Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Services throughout the UK.

Our team of expert engineers are able to design, install and maintain a wide variety of air conditioning systems for all types of commercial and domestic situations.

We cover the following areas:

The benefits of Air Conditioning...

Air Conditioning is the only way to provide a consistent working temperature for a variety of uses from industrial and retail to domestic and residential.

Some of the benefits of air conditioning:

  • Workforce can be up to 20% more effective
  • Control temperature for industrial processes
  • Encourage customers to shop for longer

Talk to us about using specialist air conditioning systems to encourage a healthy, comfortable and productive environment for your staff, stock and customers.

We take care of Air Con – Nationwide!

Although a well installed and cooling air conditioning system would have been a lovely advantage in many commercial working environments this summer, the benefits of air con last much longer than purely through the hot summer months.

The increased use of technology in our offices – all those computers, printers and servers – means that the ambient temperature of most working environments has grown over the last ten years. Add to this that more buildings are now better insulated then they have ever been and it’s seems obvious that air conditioning units are the perfect solution to keeping the temperature of your commercial building just right – all year round. Along with ensuring there is a constant, good air flow, it’s even been proved through a number of studies to help with employee productivity as well.

More economical
With new technologies being developed the cost of buying and installing air conditioning may not be as high as you imagine.

More efficient
Newer air conditioning units also demand 30-50% less energy then the systems of a few years ago – making them a far more viable option for many.

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