Home Air Conditioning

Air conditioning in the home can help with many breathing disorders – even asthma and allergies can be alleviated by removing pollen and lung damaging particles from the air you and your family breathe.

Get a good night’s sleep without many of the irritations caused by poor air quality and uncomfortable climates.

Save Money. Air conditioning can give you dramatic savings on your heating bills!

  • Many solutions available from ducted to single or multi-split type options
  • Air condition the whole home or just a single room
  • Units can be sited in the loft area or situated outside
  • Units are unobtrusive and quiet
  • Units are energy efficient

The highest standards of workmanship
We offer you a top quality service from conception to completion in all areas of comfort management.

Home Air ConProfessional, efficient and friendly staff
Our highly skilled and motivated teams work tirelessly to make the quality of your environment better! With the minimum disruption to your home – we will install your new comfort management system at times that suit your busy schedule. Day or night you can rely on us to get the job done!


Competitive rates
Top notch service at a price that you can easily justify! Call us now for a free quote: Freephone 0800 311 8270.

Domestic is the fastest growth area in the UK for air conditioning. We already have much experience in this field. We constantly monitor the latest technology and ensure our engineers are fully trained in any new techniques.

System Benefits:

  • Requires little or no refurbishing
  • Flexible mini-ducts weave easily through existing construction
  • Radiators can be eliminated
  • Less than 1.1 degree Celsius temperature from floor to ceiling
  • Draft free
  • Better Comfort: Humidify or dehumidify for better comfort (reduce dry skin, sore throats, etc.). Clean filtered air is circulated by the air handling unit, minimising dust and allergies. 100% Outside air available.
  • Matches any decor Outlets are small and subtle (about the size of a CD) and can be painted , wallpapered, or stained to match any style.
  • Can provide 100% outside air and air changes

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