Western Cape short on air conditioning amid heat wave

Cape Town short on air conditioning supplies as the area suffers prolonged heatwave

The province of Western Cape, situated on the southern tip of South Africa, has fallen short on air conditioning systems, after experiencing a prolonged spell of high temperatures and zero rainfall, resulting in sultry weather that is hard to bear.

The area has been suffering from severe heat since the beginning of the New Year, with the temperature rarely dropping below 30 degrees celsius. Making the situation worse, is a distinct lack of rainfall, which would ordinarily diffuse the heat and provide a temporary relief for Western Cape inhabitants.

Scientists have said that the prolonged heat is a result of the El Niño climate force, which pushes warm sea surface temperatures from the Pacific ocean to the coast of South Africa.

Air conditioning low in Western Cape after heat wave

Air conditioning supplies are running short amid Western Cape heat wave

One resident of Cape Town, whose house temperature had risen to a stifling 38 degrees, claimed that a local air conditioning company told her she would have to wait for three weeks for an air conditioning system to be installed, as the demand had increased in the area exponentially and they were having to order units from Johannesburg.

However, despite admitting that this year’s demand has overshadowed previous years, a different air conditioning firm based in Cape Town told Health24.com that they were not running out of air conditioning units but that installers were rushed off their feet, so customers might have to wait longer than usual.

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