West Midlands tram passengers suffering from lack of air conditioning

Midlands Metro passengers take to social media to complain about sweltering tram temperatures

Passengers using the West Midlands Metro tram line have complained about the stifling temperatures they are forced to endure in the carriages as the air conditioning system does not appear to be working.

According to reports, some passengers became so hot in the carriages that they suffered from heat exhaustion and fainted. The complaints came as warmer temperatures arrived across Britain last week. In some parts of the UK, including the Midlands, the temperatures reached as high as 21 degrees.

Passengers complains as air conditioning is not functioning properly

West Midlands Metro tram passengers have been suffering in the heat

Those who suffered in the uncomfortable heat took to Twitter to voice their annoyance. Some said that the air conditioning had simply not been turned on, while others claimed it was on but was not functioning properly and that tram conductors had not opened any windows to counteract the heat.

One frustrated morning commuter, Ross Moran, tweeted: “Sort the air con out on these trams, 8.35am from West Brom, absolute sweat box, windows locked too.”

Midland Metro chief executive, Claire Walters, showed little sympathy with passengers in response to the complaints. She advised passengers “to talk to the driver to find out if there’s anything that can be done to improve conditions” .

However, Ms Walters did provide an explanation for there being no open windows during the heat wave. She said: “Some ventilation systems can only function effectively if all the windows are closed so it may also be worth contacting your local operator, in this case Metrolink, to ask them the question so you can sensibly plan for the summer months.”

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