University of Birmingham begins important ‘clean cold’ research

‘Clean’ indoor air-conditioning solution could help solve the world’s problems, claims the university

Researchers at the University of Birmingham have joined in the mission to develop a method of providing indoor air-conditioning without damaging the Earth’s ozone layer.

Scientists at the West Midlands university are world leaders in ‘clean cold’ knowledge. The scientists believe a ‘clean cold’ solution could be the answer to many of the world’s sustainable issues, as detailed in the United Nations’ (UN) Global Goals for Sustainable Development project.

The UN’s 17 Global Goals by 2030 project encourages the world to address and develop solutions to many of the world’s major problems, including poverty, hunger, poor sanitation, healthcare and education, and also the issue of sustainability, clean energy and air pollution.

Professor Toby Peters, Visiting Professor in Power and Cold Economy at the University of Birmingham, said: “Cooling is vital; without it, the supply of food, medicine and data would simply break down. Clean cold is vital for sustainable development; without that, we cannot achieve the UN’S Global Goals.”

Professor Peters and his team of fellow scientists have now launched a major research project to discover the ways in which a ‘clean cold’ solution could help mend the world.

The team of researchers will address the importance of clean air-conditioning for growing economies such as India and China, where the demand for indoor cooling is rapidly increasing. The team will experiment with new low-carbon and zero-emission innovations whilst also addressing cooling policies on a global scale.

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