UK air conditioning market welcomes Bosch

Bosch Commercial and Industrial launch new air conditioning range for UK market

Bosch Commercial and Industrial has begun its foray into the UK air conditioning market with the release of a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) range, which have simultaneous heating and cooling capabilities.

The Bosch Climate 5000 VRF range is available in three varieties:

• SDCI Series — three pipe heat recovery system,
• The RDCI Series — a two pipe heat pump VRF system
• The MDCI Series — a Mini Heat Pump system

The German heating and hot water firm said the Bosch Climate 5000 VRF offering is designed for a wide range of buildings, from smaller domestic properties to large commercial buildings. Bosch has boasted about the proficiency of its new heat recovery system, which has an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) rating of 7.0 at 50 per cent load (8HP) and a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) of 8.0.

The innovative Bosch Climate 5000 VRF is designed for extreme temperatures, ranging from -20°C to +48°C, and is controlled by an ‘unrivalled’ VRF Intelligent Manager central control system.

The company is proud of its state-of-the-art fan system, available with the SDCI Series and the RDCI Series, which increases the performance of the heating and cooling capabilities, with an air volume increase of 14.3 per cent and a noise reduction to 4dB.

Geoff Hobbs, Business Development Director at Bosch Commercial and Industrial, commented: “Our decision to enter the UK air conditioning market means those working within the sector can rely on the expertise and experience of a global brand with a wealth of knowledge of the UK building services sector.”

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