Toshiba UK announce R32 availability

New lower GWP R32 to be available by Toshiba UK by the end of May

The UK sector of the Japanese technology company, Toshiba, has announced the introduction of a new range of R32 air conditioning units which will be available within the UK market from the end of May.

The R32 refrigerant technology has lower global warming potential (GWP) than previous air conditioning technology. The new R32 air conditioner refrigerant is considerably more energy efficient than older conventional models, which cause ozone depletion and are considered a major global warming problem.

The Toshiba R32 air conditioner has been available in Japan since 2014 and more than 225,000 units have been installed since their introduction, according to the Cooling Post.

From the end of May, the Toshiba Mirai air conditioning range will be available with the new R32 refrigerant with a capacity range between 1.5 to 4.5kW. The Mirai range offers a 13 per cent larger fan, resulting in significantly quieter operation, and dustless capabilities.

David Dunn, director and general manager at Toshiba UK, said the new R32 Mirai range is “an attractive option” for those wanting to install air conditioning units that incorporate environmentally-friendly technology with “advanced features”.

The R32 refrigerant has been classed as a flammable product due to its flammable nature “under certain, specific conditions”. However, the technology has undergone “thorough testing and evaluation” and no major incidents have yet been recorded from the industry.

Only those with the relevant F-gas and Hydrocarbon Safe Handling qualifications should attempt an R32 air conditioning installation and Toshiba has published a guide for qualified air conditioner installers working with the R32.

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