Tesco Express in Goldalming delayed after planning issues with Air Conditioning Units

Councillors have delayed the approval of Planning Permission for one of Tesco’s new Express outlets in Goldalming because of issues about modifications to the old pub building.

Tesco applied separately for permission for shop front, ramps, signs, a canopy and air conditioning units. Waverley Borough Council however have only approved works to the signage. The main issues raised where about the new doorway, which apparently effected the character of the building.

Air Conditioning Units

The main issue arising about the air con units was that the planning application gave no evidence or information about noise levels. A neighbour commented: “It is bad enough that I have to live next to a Tesco but one that emits a low and constant annoying hum is just unacceptable.”

Problems with the Tesco application

There has been local complaint at the redevelopment proposals with the local newsagent leading a protest against development plans.

Tesco issues Goldaming

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