Supermarket shoppers freeze in air conditioned stores

Customers in Newcastle must endure the coldest air conditioned temps at the district’s supermarkets

According to a article, grocery shoppers visiting some major British supermarkets have had to endure almost freezing temperatures, as store managers knock up their air conditioning settings to accommodate the summer weather. carried out temperature checks using a digital thermometer in a selection of Tesco, Waitrose, Marks and Spencer, and Sainsbury’s superstores across the country.

Supermarket shoppers freezing due to air conditioning settings

A Newcastle Marks and Spencer store was recorded to have a temp of 2.5C

The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers suggests that a building’s temperature should be maintained at 18C, however, the DailyMail survey shows that none of the supermarkets which it visited were kept at a comfortable 18C.

The lowest air conditioned temperature was recorded at a Tesco store in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, which was at 0.8C when the DailyMail reporters where visiting; almost as cold as it needs to be for water to freeze!

According to the report, many regulars at the Newcastle Tesco struggle with the chilly shopping experience, with one shopper saying: “It is always really cold in there and I usually wear a big coat and hat with a scarf.”

Many supermarkets in Newcastle-upon-Tyne were much colder than the recommended 18C; the upmarket Waitrose store was at 1.8C and the Newcastle Marks and Spencer store welcomed its customers with a cool 2.5C.

It would seem that supermarket management across the country have overestimated the summer temperatures, especially considering that most parts of the UK have been experiencing heavy rainfall and a distinct lack of sun and heat.

However, the staff at Marks and Spencer in Manchester have been doing a much better job at air conditioning temperature control, with customers there enjoying a nice 16C.

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