Six people die in Chinese care home after air conditioning ban

Reports suggest that the elderly people died during a heatwave but were banned from using their air conditioning

A state-run home for the elderly is under investigation in China following the death of six residents, as reports suggest the home’s managers had banned the use of air conditioning during a summer heatwave.

The deaths took place within a period of eight days at the Zhulin Care Home, situated in the province of Jiangsu, just north of Shanghai. Police from the city of Changzhou have now begun an investigation to find out why the deaths were allowed to happen.

The fatalities occurred in the eight days following July 20, when temperatures in the region reached 40C. According to reporters from the Modern Express, the care home has approximately 40 rooms but the air conditioning units in most rooms were not plugged in or were out of order.

A number of Zhulin Care Home residents told reporters that they were prohibited from switching on their room air conditioner units or were not allowed to use them unless there were two people in a room.

The incident has caused outrage and has led to criticism of the current situation in China, which has a large ageing population due to the one child per family law, creating a disproportionate population.

Many elderly people have been left childless due to the recently abolished law and must rely on the Chinese Government for support throughout their declining years.

No one from the Jiangsu government authority or the care home has spoken out about the deaths and their causes, but outraged Chinese residents took to social media to express their concern and disgust that such a tragedy was not prevented.

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