Schoolgirl to appear on TV competition for air conditioned duvet idea

An inventive 10-year-old is to appear on CBBC show after inventing an air conditioned duvet cover

A 10-year-old schoolgirl from Crawley is to appear on the CBBC show Absolute Genius With Dick And Dom after her proposal for an air conditioned duvet cover impressed the judges of the “Absolute Tech Genius” competition.

Adelaide Boxall, known as Addy to her friends and family, decided to enter the Absolute Tech Genius competition without consulting her family.

Her father, Peter Boxall, said the first he knew about it was when his daughter gave him the application form, which she has already filled in, complete with a detailed description and drawing of her air conditioned duvet design.

The clever schoolgirl’s invention, named ACDC, is to consist of an air conditioning unit which is to be installed under the bed; the duvet cover will contain small tubes and small holes from which hot or cold air can flow via the air conditioning unit. The whole system will be controlled using a mobile application.

Addy has already filmed the final show for CBBC, which included an exciting trip to America with her 6 fellow finalists, but she is not allowed to share her final position in the competition until it is broadcast.

Whatever the final result may be, Addy’s family are proud of her innovative mind. Peter Boxall told Crawley News: “Addy has always been interested in making things and good at Lego. I enjoy working on cars so she must get it from me … In fact, one of her hobbies is welding.”

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