Scent of a room: air-conditioning scents grow in popularity

There is a growing trend within corporate and hospitality buildings throughout the world: an innocent trick to clear the air and ensnare the senses. Namely, air-conditioning scents. Heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) companies are noticing an increased interest in this potential phenomenon.

Companies are beginning to understand that a pleasant scent can make a big difference; who is going to think of returning to a hotel, gym or office, where the most memorable aspect was the unfavourable stench of cleaning products, sweat or a recently demolished egg sandwich.

The new air-conditioning scent trend is growing rapidly and HVAC companies are eager to reap the financial benefits while their corporate customers attract the clients; the hospitality industry its guests and members; and the retailers retain their customers’ loyalty.

New air-conditioning scent trend continues to grow

Air-conditioning scents experience a rise in popularity

The technology uses a clever diffusion system which releases a chosen scent at preprogrammed intervals via the air-conditioning system. And there are already thousands of inviting scents, with equally inviting names, from which to choose.

Researchers believe that this new scenting fashion can influence customer trends and create deep customer-brand connections. This belief has been supported by Pascal Gaurin, who has recently designed a scent for Samsung stores, and who is convinced that scenting can influence a customer to connect a brand with certain characteristics.

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