Samsung to release draft-free air-conditioning unit

The South Korean firm is to launch a new, wall-mounted “wind-free” air-conditioning unit

South Korean electronics firm, Samsung, is to launch a new wall-mounted air-conditioning unit which produces no draft when in operation; the first wall-mounted Samsung air-con unit to offer this feature.

The “wind-free” unit will be unveiled by the company at the annual Consumer Electronics Show to be held between January 5 and 8 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

Samsung’s floor-standing, draft-free air-conditioner unit has proven a significant success in South Korea, leading the firm to introduce a similar wall-mounted product into the American and European market.

The new AR9500M model has been designed to provide cooler indoor temperatures with leading energy efficiency technology, whilst also eliminating the airflow draft.

The cool air is pushed slowly through 21,000 micro air holes in the AR9500M unit after a fast cooling mode. The unit automatically switches to the “Wind-Free Cooling” mode after the fast cooling period has successfully established the desired indoor temperature.

The Wind-Free Cooling mode is said to be up to 55% more energy efficient than the regular cooling mode and also uses 72% less energy than the fast cooling mode.

The AR9500M also contains wi-fi technology allowing homeowners to remotely control the unit using Samsung’s Smart Home mobile app.

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