R410a Refrigerant

What’s going to replace R22 gas?

In place of the outgoing R22 gas, the majority of air conditioning units are set to turn to the use of R410a.  However, as discussed previously, this could mean that you have to make modifications to your existing unit.  If you have bought an air conditioning since 2010 then you will probably not need to make changes.  This is because the sale of R22 as a gas top up has been banned since 2010, and so air conditioning units bought after that date will have been designed in a way that allows them to operate utilising other gasses, such as R410a.

Speaking of R410a, this is the refrigerant you can now expect to be using in place of R22 gas.  The good news is that, as well as the air conditioning units bought after 2010 which can operate with the gas, many machines that have been bought since the year 2000 can also function by using the gas.  Therefore, it is worth checking whether your air conditioning unit is compatible with R410a refrigerant.  Don’t just presume that it isn’t.

However, if your air conditioning unit was built before the year 2000 it is likely that it will not be compatible with R410a refrigerant.  Do not attempt to use R410a with any unit which you believe may be incompatible, doing so could cause the unit to breakdown.

How is R410a different to R22 gas?

Ultimately, the reason for the change in regulation is that R22 gas proved to be damaging to the ozone layer.  Conversely, R410a refrigerant is not.  However, there are also changes in performance that you should be aware of:

  • R410a can absorb more heat than R22 gas, making the air conditioning unit cooler
  • R410a can operate at higher pressures, reducing the likelihood your unit will crack
  • Generally, you can expect R410a to provide better efficiency and higher levels of performance

If you want professional advice on converting from R22 gas to R410a refrigerant, we are here to help.  We can tell you everything you need to know about R410a, and give you the advice you need to make sure you get maximum levels of performance out of your air conditioning unit.

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