Olympic athletes to pay for their own air conditioning

Olympics athletes competing in Rio 2016 will have to pay for air conditioning

Athletes competing at the Rio 2016 Olympics must pay for the air conditioning in their Olympic Village rooms as the Games organisers attempt to cut costs following the outbreak of the Brazilian financial crisis.

The announcement has been met with resounding criticism as some claim that the budget-cutting – which will effect other amenities as well as room air conditioning – will result in a certain amount of inequality, as athletes will either have to endure the cost-cutting accommodation at Olympic Village or, those competing on behalf of wealthier countries, could opt for a more desirable option.

Reports have already been circulating that the USA basketball team have decided to splash out on a luxury hotel for the duration of Rio 2016.

Former Olympic athlete, Nick Symmonds, who competed in the 800m at the 2008 and 2012 Games, told Bloomberg that cost-cutting would “cheapen the games”.

He added: “If you don’t provide them [athletes] with good food, a good place to sleep and comfortable temperature, they won’t be able to recover and bring the A-plus product that the world is demanding.”

According to Bloomberg Business, the Brazilian Real has dropped almost a third of its value against the American dollar within the last year and the country’s unemployment rate is also on a downward spiral. Prior to the financial crisis, the Brazilian Government had said they would commit $700m to any Olympic overspend.

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