Man captured clinging to air conditioning unit eight storeys high!

Footage captures the half-naked man hiding from his lover’s partner on an air conditioning unit in China

Footage has emerged showing a half-naked man clinging desperately to an air conditioning unit on a high-rise apartment block, as reports suggest he was hiding from his lover’s husband!

The alarming footage was captured on camera in China and was shared on LiveLeak. The person responsible for filming is thought to be a resident at the apartment block across the road from where the incident took place.

The terrifying (and, dare we admit it, slightly amusing) footage shows a partially naked man clutching onto the air conditioning unit outside an apartment block window eight storeys above ground.

Footage has emerged of a man holding onto a air conditioning unit on a tower block

The footage shows the man holding on to the air con unit

The brave man can be seen wearing just his underwear and peaking surreptitiously through the apartment window.

Reports suggest that the man and his married lover were caught in the midst of a passionate fling by his paramour’s spouse who returned home unexpectedly.

Unable to escape the apartment in the normal fashion, the love cheat was forced to hide outside the window at an alarming height.

It is not known what happened to the man, but it is thought that the situation ended without any injuries (except perhaps to the man’s pride).

It is not the first time an air conditioning unit has been used to hide lovers caught in the act. A similar incident took place last year, when a man was forced to spend the whole night wedged between two air con units.

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