LG introduces 5th generation VRF air-conditioning system

The new Multi V 5 is the 5th generation of LG Electronics innovative air-conditioning range

LG Electronics has officially launched its cutting-edge 5th generation Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air-conditioning system, the Multi V 5. The company has been rolling out its latest model across Europe with the UK launch taking place last month amid excitement from the air-conditioning and refrigerant supply and installation industry.

The Multi V 5 offers a range of technical advances, including a ‘Dual Sensing Control’ system, LG’s pioneering inverter compressor, a large capacity condensing unit, advanced climate control options, and a corrosion-proof coating on the unit.

Dual Sensing Control is a new innovation which ‘reacts to load requirements’ and manages the output based on the temperature and humidity level, whilst also using its Smart Load Control (SLC) technology to react to ‘both latent and sensible heat loads’.

The SLC function can increase energy efficiency by up to 31% compared to VRF air-conditioning systems that do not have SLC technology.

The Multi V 5 also offers a Comfort Cooling system which automatically controls the cooling output of the system for a steady air supply maintained at a set temperature, eliminating the need for on/off thermostat.

The development engineers who designed the Multi V 5 worked with Seoul University’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering to investigate the natural flipper morphology of the Humpback whale and how that can be adapted to produce a bio-mechanical flow control system.

Andrew Slater, LG’s Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions technical and research manager, said: “Multi V 5 carries the factors considered at design stage through to real life system regulation, through humidity monitoring – part of our Dual Sensing Control.”

He added: “We believe that extending our development to consider all areas of system application, will allow customers to benefit from the comfort levels and operational savings that are expected from an industry leading solution.”

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