LG announce anti-mosquito air conditioning unit

The ‘Mosquito Away’ air conditioning unit is designed to eliminate mosquitoes and keep you cool

LG Electronics has launched a mosquito-busting air conditioning unit and television set, which are fitted with advanced ultrasonic technology to obliterate the particularly pesky critters that plague the earth.

The new ‘Mosquito Away 2HP’ air conditioning unit emits an ultrasonic wave frequency from 30kHz up to 100kHz, which repels the dangerous and annoying flying bugs. The sound waves can not be heard by humans or animals, but causes the mosquitoes to become paralysed.

International Institute of Biotechnology and Toxicology (IIBAT) and the Institute of Advanced Medical Research and Training have both tested the anti-mosquito feature on both the air conditioning unit and the television set to ensure it complies with all regulations imposed across the globe.

The mosquito-banishing technology is ideal for climates heavily affected by mosquitoes, including South America, Africa and India, were there is currently a mosquito epidemic. However, it also perfect for anyone throughout the world whose summertime is spoiled by buzzing and biting mosquitoes.

LG Electronics tested the Mosquito Away 2HP in laboratory conditions and found it repelled 62 per cent of the mosquitoes released into the test room within 24 hours.

The anti-mosquito air conditioner is remote-controlled and also features a jet cooling option, which will blast out cool air for 30 minutes before returning to the original settings.

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