Industrial Air Conditioning

Industrial air conditioning units are important installations for warehouse and factories, allowing for temperatures to be suitably controlled in order to foster an comfortable and productive working environment throughout the whole year.

traditionally, factories are susceptible to internal environments which can swing dramatically between swelteringly hot conditions and freezing temperatures.  With large machinery active throughout the day , factories can quickly become irrepressibly hot, creating a deeply uncomfortable environment with which staff must work.  Conversely, temperatures within large warehouses can plummet in the winter months, creating equally uncomfortable conditions and stifling productivity.

In terms of health too, warehouses and factories can be hazardous places to work without adequate air conditioning installed.  With the potential for large quantities of noxious gases to be released into the air through industrial processes, the ability of our professionally installed air conditioning units to purify the air they pass into industrial environments becomes indispensable.  therefore to ensure health and well as productivity, air conditioning units are a vital component of any active factory or warehouse in the UK.

With AirCon UK, you can have a highly effective industrial air conditioning unit designed to meet the ventilation requirements of your industrial premises.

Our highly-skilled engineers have a wealth of experience in the air conditioning industry and ca design and install a top class air conditioning unit to help control and stabilise the environment within your factory or warehouses.

We can offer you:

  • Comprehensive repair and maintenance services across the country
  • Maintenance plans for all units we install
  • Expertly-trained air conditioning engineers with years of experience
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling solutions

The professional service we offer across the whole of the UK seeks to provide the very best value for our industrial clients.  We can design, supply and install air conditioning units of the highest quality, utilising the latest technology to deliver the very best in air purification and ventilation.

Our emergency call out services can help should your air conditioning unit encounter problems and require urgent attention.  Through out maintenance plans we work to ensure the air conditioning units e install are kept in optimum condition, reducing the likelihood that they will encounter significant problems which would require a full repair.  Should your air conditioning unit require repair work, we will complete that work on-site, ensuring your air conditioning system experienced the minimum possible downtime.

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