IKEA air conditioning attracts tired customers

The cool air conditioned air in IKEA proves too tempting for some during a heatwave in China

A collection of amusing photographs have been shared online showing people in China using the display beds at their local IKEA store to catch up on their sleep following an unbearable heatwave.

The photos first appeared on the Chinese media website Huanqiu and have since been making the rounds in the Western world. They show some people, including couples, sleeping in IKEA beds and on its sofas as they attempt to escape the summer heat and enjoy IKEA’s air conditioning system.

Temperatures have been soaring in the Chinese capital, Beijing, where the insufferable heat is obviously depriving some people of their sleep. According to reports, the temperature in Beijing reached 37 degrees Celsius at the weekend.

Air conditioning systems are on the rise in China, but some people simply can not afford such a luxury.

A Beijing photographer, with an eye for the amusing, captured multiple images of people using the display beds and sofas in a city IKEA store to catch up on their sleep. One photo shows a couple looking very much at home in a double bed.

IKEA opened its first furniture store in China in 1999. Its now home to three of the biggest IKEA stores in the world, with the biggest located in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and the home nation of IKEA’s founder.

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