Green building development to increase globally by 2018

Companies to increase investment in greener air-conditioning, heating and energy solutions

A new study predicts that global green building development will continue to rise, reaching double the current rate by 2018, as companies across the world look to increase their sustainable efforts.

The study, titled ‘World Green Building Trends 2016, Developing Markets Accelerate Global Green Growth’ was produced by Dodge Data & Analytics and United Technologies Corporation in partnership with the World Green Building Council (World GBC).

According to the report, the percentage of companies investing in buildings which can be certified as at least 60% green will increase by almost double within the next two years. The study authors predict the percentage to rise from the current 17% to 37% by 2018.

The study predications are based on information garnered from over 1,000 building contractor firms based in over 60 countries, including members of worldwide Green Building Councils, which form part of the World GBC, the largest international organisation to promote green building.

Members of the Green Building Councils, including building engineers, architects, contractors and property owners all contributed to the information used as part of the study.

The study states that commercial building is leading the way for green development, especially in developing countries such as Brazil, Mexico, China, India and South Africa, where the largest green building growth is expected to occur between now and 2018.

Increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy costs is the main consideration for companies which choose to build green; with 66% of the firms involved stating this as one of their main two considerations. While 37% stated protecting the world’s natural resources as their top priority for developing green buildings.

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