Eurostar passengers stuck on train without air conditioning

The London to Paris train was without air conditioning for five hours after emergency stop

A Eurostar train, travelling from London to Paris, was forced to make an emergency stop after a desperate passenger smoked an e-cigarette in a toilet cubicle.

The incident took place on Monday, January 25, on a Eurostar train that had left London at 3:30pm and was due to arrive in Paris at 6:37pm. The train had just reached France via the Eurotunnel when the fire alarm was triggered and the driver was forced to stop and turn off the train’s power supply.

Passengers left on train without air conditioning for five hours

Eurostar train delayed due to e-cigarette smoker

The train operators had to carry out regulatory checks to ensure that the train was safe for further travelling before they could continue on their way. One irritated traveller took to Twitter to complain about the situation, as passengers were left without electricity or phone signal, and nothing to eat but mini Twix chocolate bars, as the train’s food supply had been bought out.

Other passengers complained about the boiling temperatures due to the lack of air conditioning and claimed babies had been ‘screaming’ because of the discomfort.

The delayed train finally reached the French capital after midnight; a delay of more than five hours. A spokesperson for Eurostar confirmed that the emergency stop had been caused by a passenger smoking an e-cigarette in one of the train’s toilet cubicles.

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