E.ON claim most businesses can save up to 38% by switching off your air conditioning units

It’s a bold claim indeed – 38% reduction in energy costs just by switching off your air conditioning unit?

The research reckons the three biggest drains on energy for businesses are:

  • heating
  • air conditioning
  • refrigeration

Which research suggests that 58% of energy use by companies in the UK is down to heating – which could be cut by a third by installing more efficient boilers.

According to the new research E.ON reckons businesses (by sector) could be saving around:

  • Manufacturing and workshops – 26%
  • Pubs, clubs and restaurants – 34%
  • Agriculture and horticulture – 29%
  • Retail – 35%
  • Office – 38%

Certainly, more efficient air conditioning systems can reduce energy consumption massively – and in a large installation which high use this can be significant. Why not ask us and see if we can help you reduce your bills by installing newer more efficient air conditioning units!

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