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We install Domestic Air Conditioning Systems throughout the UK!

Home air conditioning can prove to be very important for homes across the UK.  Global warming might not mean frequently baking hot summer days, but it does mean a muggy, more humid, atmosphere for large parts of the year in Britain.  Conditions such as these can be uncomfortable, sapping your energy and reducing both your motivation and productivity.  In these conditions it is easy to feel lethargic, something which can stop you fully enjoying the time you spend at home.

For these reasons, air conditioning installations within the home are becoming increasingly sought after by families in the UK.  Air conditioning systems are a common fixture in the domestic properties of many European countries, and Britain is on trend to join them as overall temperatures rise throughout the year.

At AirCon UK, we can design, supply and install air conditioning units that are perfectly suited to keeping the climate in your home exactly as you want it.  Increasing airflow and allowing you to manipulate temperatures to your requirements, our service can offer you:

  • Nationwide installation services
  • High quality air conditioning units that you can rely on
  • Meticulous maintenance plans for your unit
  • Highly-trained experts in air conditioning
  • Servicing and repair services across the country

Through improving airflow in your property, the air conditioning units we supply not only allow you to take control of your climate, they also work to create a healthier living space.  Our domestic air conditioning units work to purify the air which passes through them, removing mites and bacteria which can aggravate allergies, therefore creating a healthier environment with a higher quality of air.

Home Air Conditioning Units & Systems

One of the greatest misconceptions about air conditioning is that it only works to cool the environments in which it is installed.  However, thanks to heat-pump technology, the air conditioning units we provide can also offer you exceptionally energy efficient heating for you home.

In this way, our heating and cooling units can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, saving you money in the process.  The most effective description of our air conditioning units it not through talking about heating or cooling.  instead, it is best to think of our systems as a tool via which you can create temperate and comfortable conditions in your home, whatever the conditions outside.  The air conditioning units we supply and install at AirCon UK can provide your home with comfortable and airy environments the whole year round.

So call us today on 0800 311 8270 for a free quote on our professional air conditioning services.  our customer care team can explain the heating and cooling solutions we can provide for you, giving you access to everything you need to know before you make a decision.


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