Contractor’s association BESA urges crackdown on F-gas venting

More investment required to enable the Environment Agency to check into illegal incidents

BESA, the UK’s contractor association, is pushing for more financial help to enable the Environment Agency to improve its investigations into occurrences of illegal f-gas venting.

F-gases, full name Fluorinated gases, are gases which are man-made and are able to stay in the atmosphere for years and years and are considered to be contributing to a worldwide greenhouse effect.

The Environmental Agency needs more investment to investigate illegal F-gas venting

The Environmental Agency needs more investment to investigate illegal F-gas venting

Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), are the most common type of F-gas, which is made up of carbon, fluorine and hydrogen. This type of F-gas is used in a number of applications, such as commercial and industrial refrigeration, heat pump and air conditioning systems and commonly used in fire protection systems.

The technical director at BESA, Tim Rook, commented on the large multinational corporation Schneider Electric (SE), who recently received a fine for neglecting to recover 15kg of sulphur hexafluoride (SF6), “This episode reminds us of the importance of remaining vigilant, and it is reassuring to see that the government agency charged with enforcing the F-gas regulations is able to follow up reports of wrongdoing with punitive action.”

Mr Rook also went on to say that the safeguarding of F-gas regulations is greatly under resourced and explained that the incident at Schneider Electric was reported by themselves.

He believes that the government should take a more serious look at this issue, rather than relying on companies such as Schneider Electric to come forward to report these incidents themselves. Mr Rook also went on to praise the company for coming forward.

He believes that far too many F-gas venting incidents are going unreported and that the Environment Agency needs to invest more into intensifying its monitoring services.

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