Commercial Air Conditioning

At AirCon UK, we can provide professional design and installation services to commercial premises looking for an effective air conditioning solution.

Throughout the country, commercial premises of all kinds need a solution which can keep their property and desirable and comfortable place to be.  Whether it is a nightclub or a restaurant, a hotel or a cinema, air conditioning plays a vital role in creating environments within which customers are comfortable, encouraging for them to stay for longer and leave completely satisfied.

No-one wants to sit in a restaurant where they are surrounded by a hot and stuffy environment, just as no-one wants to spend the night in an overcrowded and overheated nightclub.  Indeed, a lack of proper ventilation can be very dangerous in many commercial premises and is, therefore, an absolute necessity.

If you are going to to invest in an air conditioning system for your premises however, you want to be sure that you are investing in an air conditioning unit that you can rely on to deliver high levels of performance.  For air conditioning units tailored to the exact needs of your commercial premises, AirCon UK is here to help.

At AirCon UK, we pride ourselves on the superb quality of the air conditioning systems we design and install for our clients.  Working with a project manager to ensure that air conditioning units are both effective and aesthetically acceptable, we strive to meet all the requirements of our clients in the commercial sector.

Supply & Install of Commercial Air Conditioning Units

  • Full design and installation services
  • Fully-trained engineers with a wealth of experience
  • Expert advice on the most effective air conditioning solutions for your premises

When it comes to providing support for our clients, we also offer a comprehensive service.  At AirCon UK, we understand that having your air conditioning unit break down, and consequently having to call out a repair team, can cause commercial businesses huge problems.  It could lead to premises having to close for a period of time, leading to our commercial partners losing out on custom.

Therefore we offer a great deal of support for our clients, including:

  • Comprehensive maintenance plans for the air conditioning units we install.
  • Repair services across the country
  • Emergency call our services

So if you want to invest in a top quality air conditioning system for your commercial premises, and you want a comprehensive support package to ensure any issues are swiftly and effectively dealt with, AirCon UK is here for you.

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