Building services engineering firms not worried about ‘Brexit’

BESA survey finds the air conditioning, ventilation and heating sector is generally positive about a ‘Brexit’

A survey set up by the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA), the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) and the Scottish electrical trade association, SELECT, has found that only 19% of firms involved in the building services engineering sector are expecting negative effects from the forthcoming ‘Brexit’.

The businesses surveyed include those involved in the manufacturing, supplying and installation of air conditioning units.

Overall, the outlook of building services engineering firms remains positive and optimistic following the decision to leave the EU in June’s referendum, according to the survey results. However, larger companies bucked the general trend and took a more negative stance on a future outside of the EU.

A surprising 46% of those who took part in the survey believe that a ‘Brexit’ will actually have a positive effect on their building services engineering business within the next five years.

At the other end of the spectrum, 19% of respondents are expecting a negative impact, while 23% believe there will be no impact whatsoever from a ‘Brexit’.

However, despite the high level of optimism shown by the sector, a total of 47% of those surveyed are convinced that a ‘Brexit’ will inevitably lead to higher material costs, while 22% do not think this will happen.

A staggering 92% ‘do not rely on EU migrant workers’, as the majority of building services firms use skilled workers from the UK market, however, 25% did say a ‘Brexit’ would create a shortage of skilled workers.

BESA chief executive, Paul McLaughlin, said: “Our survey clearly shows that many contractors are conditionally optimistic in the wake of the Brexit vote… As a result, we will draw up an action plan for the building engineering services sector to focus our lobbying efforts in the coming months.”

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