Benefits of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning sales boomed during the summer months and have remained consistently strong even as we have moved through Autumn and Winter.

You might ask yourself why? We all appreciate air conditioning when we’re abroad in the heat, but Britain has hardly been renowned for sizzling summer days of late. And why have sales remained strong through our miserable Autumn and Winter months? Here we explain the benefits behind air conditionings popularity boom.

  1. It’s easy to immediately associate air conditioning with cooling, but air conditioning units both heat and cool. If you want to understand why they are proving popular through winter and summer, it’s because of this dual capability.
  2. Air conditioning units are great for air purification. Everyone wants clean, healthy air in their homes and that is exactly what an air conditioning unit will provide you with. Modern air conditioning units contain anti fungus filters, ideal for clearing your air of harmful dust and mites.
  3. Air conditioning units can change the environment of a home quickly. If it’s too cold you can heat it up, if it’s too warm you can cool it down. With the vast majority of modern air conditioning you can also adjust humidity to make sure your indoors never get too sticky or uncomfortable
  4. We all leave our windows open to get ventilation through the house on hot days, but leaving windows or doors open represent a significant security issue. You don’t want to worry that you’ve left your windows open while you’re out. With an air conditioning unit there is no need to go round opening all the windows in your house to freshen up your indoors. Instead, you can just turn your air conditioning on to cool and have peace of mind that you haven’t left any windows open that could invite an opportunist thief (or sneaky insect) in.
  5. Energy bill reduction is a lesser known benefit of the air conditioning unit. Modern air conditioning units use specialist heat-pump technology making them 80% more efficient than other heating apparatus, something especially useful for energy saving during winter.
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