Audi introduces anti-allergy air conditioning filter

The new anti-allergy air conditioning filter has been developed to tackle allergens and air pollution

German auto manufacturer Audi has announced the development of a new state-of-the-art anti-allergy air conditioning filter which will be installed into a selection of the firm’s compact models from June this year.

The new air conditioning filter has been developed to counteract airborne allergens in addition to removing harmful gases and fine particles from entering the vehicle cabin. Audi hopes that this will help reduce the health risks which are thought to be caused by air pollution and also help those who suffer form allergies.

Audi to install new anti-allergy air conditioning filter from June

Audi release new anti-allergy air conditioning filter

The new filter will be available in two types. What sets them apart from everyday vehicle air conditioning filters, is their three layer system. Normal auto air con filters have two layers, but Audi’s new filter has an additional outer carrier layer which contains either polyphenols, a natural substance, or protein structure.

The polyphenols or protein structure act to neutralise the allergens, resulting in a higher quality of air in the vehicle cabin. The new filter system has been tested by independent organisations, all of which agree that the filter significantly improves air quality compared to conventional air con filters.

The new Audi Air Conditioning Advance will be fitted into Audi’s A1, A3, Q3 and TT model from June and will also be in the new Audi Q2 when that is released later this year. Any current owners of the above models can also request the filter to be fitted in their cars as part of its next service session.

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