Arabic wind tower could be a great cooling solution for the UK

A top UK academic has said that the huge demand for air conditioning in hot countries could be eased through the use of ancient Arabic architecture.

Ben Hughes, associate professor of building physics at the University of Leeds, believes the traditional Arabic wind tower could provide a sustainable solution for cooling in hot countries.

Arabic wind tower

Arabic wind tower

A huge number of these structures can be found in the Creek region of Dubai.

Hughes said that in the ancient Arab world it was common to build these towers as tall as possible in order to capture air at high speed.

He said:, “It pushes air into the building and sucks stale and used air out the other side of the wind tower.

“In arid climates such as the Gulf, then a reduction in air-con consumption of around 60% is possible.”

Professor Hughes believes that these structures could be modernised to become contemporary architectural designs, however he contended that these newer buildings may have to be slightly different in design.

“Tall buildings are not necessarily the best use of the system as supplying the lower floors can prove problematic due to the length of ducting required and needs careful design to include significant buoyancy effect to assist the airflow, he explained.

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