Apprentice funding proposal welcomed by BESA

The government’s new apprenticeship plan will see 90% of training paid for by a new larger businesses levy

The UK government has announced plans to invest up to £2.5billion in apprentice training by the year 2020; an announcement that has been warmly welcomed by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA).

However, despite the positivity felt by the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sectors, BESA has called on the government to fast-track its funding plans.

The government is to raise the money from introducing a levy on larger companies. That money will then go to small businesses (which account for 98% of employers in England and Wales) to fund 90% of the apprenticeship training.

The government has said it will introduce a levy to help fund 90% of apprentice training

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Any business which employ less than 50 workers will have 100% of their apprenticeship training paid for them from the levy.

Alongside the funding plan, the government is also looking to change the way the apprenticeship system works, by introducing a new 15 tier funding system, which will assess the costs involved in individual sectors to train workers up to the required standard.

The new apprenticeship funding plan is relevant across all sectors, however, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sectors will benefit spectacularly from this investment, as it will give small businesses the opportunity to train up individuals to become the future of the industry without suffering a financial burden.

The new funding system is to start in May 2017, however, Tony Howard, the director of training at BESA, is not yet ready to celebrate. He said: “…this is not approved yet and if we are to move successfully into the Trailblazers and Future Apprentices programmes we need that funding to be available now – not next year.”

BESA has called on the government to show its “commitment to apprentice training” and to implement the new funding system by the end of this year.

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