What is air conditioning service?

Air conditioning servicing is an important process as it assures the continued performance of your air conditioning unit.  Like many things, if an air conditioning united is poorly maintained, or perhaps not maintained at all, it is much more susceptible to break down or develop faults over time.  This, in turn, diminishes the effectiveness of your air conditioning unit and means you, effectively, aren’t getting your money’s worth.

Typically, air conditioning servicing is carried out by air conditioning engineers who possess the requisite knowledge to work confidently and effectively with all types of air conditioning units.  After all, maintenance needs differ depending on the different type of air conditioning system.

In terms of a service itself, the experts who perform the service will be undertaking three main tasks.  Firstly cleaning all areas of the air conditioning unit to ensure that dirt does not affect its performance.  Secondly, checking the functionality of the air conditioning unit.  This includes checking for signs that parts may need lubricating and ensuring that motors within the unit are fully functional.  In addition to this, checks will be made to ensure that the unit is having the desired effect on the temperature of environment, with measurements taken.  Thirdly, engineers will check for signs that any water has begun to pool, possibly leading to the identification of faulty tubes which leak and may need replacing.

In general, maintenance procedures should work to find small problems and deal with them effectively before they escalate into something more damaging which could eventually cause the air conditioning unit to break down.  At AirConUK, we provide comprehensive maintenance services as part of our planned preventative maintenance programmes.  Just call us today on 0800 311 8270 for more information about the cost-effective services we provide.

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