Air conditioning saved my life

A cancer victim has claimed that office air conditioning ‘saved her life’ after it lead to her discovering a malicious lump.

Elaine Delaney, 35, from Hackney, London, was hugging herself to keep warm because of cool temperatures created by her office air conditioning system when she felt a lump.

Elaine Delaney, 35, from Hackney, LondonSpeaking about her discovery, Elaine said: “It was a freezing cold morning and the air-con was on full blast. i think it was colder in the office than outside.

“I hugged myself to try and keep warm and felt a small grisly lump about the size of a grape.”

After finding the lump, Elaine mentioned it to her doctor and, following further consultations, it was found that she had growths in both her breasts.

Diagnosed with stage three cancer, Elaine needed eight rounds of chemotherapy and a double mastectomy.

Elaine said that although she didn’t think what has happened to her was something she would ever completely come to terms with, she now felt more comfortable in her body.

When researching into breast cancer, Elaine became aware of a charity called Hell Beautiful, which uses art to help cancer victims.

“The founder Jane Hutchinson was holding an exhibition of her work. She makes plaster casts of breast cancer survivors’ chests and then sends them off to be painted vibrant colours,” Elaine recalled

I met Jane and she showed me her work. It was so inspiring and powerful. Two days later she asked me if I would be interested in having a cast made and I jumped at the chance.”

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