Air conditioning mattress developed by Balluga

The smart Balluga bed comes complete with an air conditioning system and anti-snoring technology

If you suffer from sleepless nights full of tossing and turning and find yourself craving a peaceful night’s sleep on a sinfully comfortable bed, then perhaps a Balluga smart interactive mattress is just what the doctor ordered.

The British developer of the Balluga smart bed, Joe Katan, claims his bed is just what you need if you regularly suffer from sleepless nights, back ache, or a snoring partner.

Mr Katan, age 52, from north London, began designing his clever bed eight years ago after growing increasingly unsatisfied by the mattresses then available.

After many years of tinkering, the bed has now been perfected, and Balluga has set-up a Kickstarter page, where interested parties can order a single Balluga smart mattress for $1,199 (£850), or a double mattress from $1,995 (£1,413).

What do you get for your money, I hear you ask? Well, the Balluga mattress is like no other mattress currently available on the market. It comes with a plethora of extras, including anti-snoring technology, a built-in air conditioning system, massaging capabilities, movement sensors and a sleep monitoring system. All of these can be controlled by the sleeper/s using Balluga’s specially designed mobile app.

The climate control operates using the air already available in the room. The air is passed through an air conditioning system located on the bottom of the bed, which then distributes either cool or hot air through the entire bed (or just through one-half, for couples with the double mattress).

Mr Katan said: “After eight years of careful testing and design we have come up with a bed which is not only comfortable but fun and reliable as well.”

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