95% of air conditioning systems “breach law”

According to the Building and Engineering Services Association, only 5% of air conditioning systems have been inspected within the first 5 years of their installation life.

  • Systems of 12 kW installed on or after 01/01/98 should be inspected within first 5 years
  • Older systems with an output more than 250 kW should have been inspected by January 2009
  • and those above 12 kW inspected by January 2011

It might come as a shock to many building owners that they actually need their air conditioning systems inspecting at all – and even local authorities who have responsibility to check are not doing so.

“Enforcement of compliance of any energy saving mechanism has been all but abandoned. What is left is service which extracts money but delivers almost nothing to the nation,” said BSRIA chief executive Mr Andrew Eastwell.

The fine for not complying is a maximum of £300 – so it’s hardly a deterrent.

The National Association of Air Conditioning Energy Assessors wants the legal requirement to be the same as commercial EPCs.

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